About Us

We are an independently owned business established in 1994. With over 35 Years of combined experience within our staff, we have developed the knowledge and skills to deliver companies with innovative workforce solutions which help increase work productivity, improve efficiency, and boost the bottom line. Our commitment to clients along with competitive rates assure your company maximum profit. We provide companies and staffing candidates with integrity and grant benefits to both parties.

We help with:

  • TIME:
    Most employees give their weeks’ notice, but some quit on the spot or are terminated for good reason. Companies lose productivity when there are vacant positions. Employees can also feel resentful when they take the responsibility of the vacant position for long periods of time. People 4 U Inc. has already pre-screened qualified employees for various positions that can be at your company within just a couple hours.
  • MONEY:
    Company owners hesitate to use staffing firms because they don’t want to pay the markup fee. Working with us will save you money in many areas that you may not have considered. Why pay for expensive ads, as well as the cost associated with pre-screening assessments such as skills tests, drug screening and background checks? You can hire candidates from us who have already completed these prerequisites.
    Most companies do not have huge HR departments with dedicated recruiters. Human resources personnel have many duties including payroll, benefits and hiring. It can take days going through hundreds of unqualified resumes to seek a handful of appropriate candidates to screen and interview. We take on this role for you. Our recruiters will send you the qualified candidates to interview yourself so all you have to do is choose which candidate would best fit your company.
    If your company has a busy season, let us fill extra personnel needed during those high volume times. Using People 4 U Inc. will allow you to save money on unemployment insurance that you are required to pay our full-time employees.

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