• We are here to meet the needs and challenges that you may be facing in the search for temporary staffing. As a locally owned and operated staffing firm People 4 U Inc. can offer you:

    • Easy and convenient, competitive rates
    • Reasonable rates while granting the highest quality of staffing services, rates based on the in-depth screening of your choice, with NO HIDDEN FEES.
    • Complete payroll services
    • Our staff makes payroll a breeze with all paychecks done in house including all tax filing and processing. We handle all of the required federal and state withholdings as well as the quarterly and yearly reporting.
    • End the frustration of employee search
    • Interviewing crowds of unqualified job applicants is time consuming and exasperating. We put tremendous effort into learning our client’s needs and even more effort into sourcing and selecting candidates we are certain are right for the position. We help reduce processing time for your company.
    • Cost Effective
    • Today’s economy has most companies cutting cost anywhere they can. One of the biggest expenses is locating and interviewing candidates. Allow our staff to conduct this costly responsibility for you. Staff up or down easily in response to business fluctuations, protecting your permanent workforce and controlling costs. With People 4 U Inc. on your team, the costs associated with hiring, benefits, retirement, taxes and long-term compensation are reduced.
    • Screening
    • Candidates are extensively screened, analyzed, tested, and interviewed by trained consultants.
  • We offer more than just staffing personnel….

    People 4 U Inc. also provides payroll services. If our employment services are not what your company needs, we are equipped to handle all of your company's payroll needs.

    Advantages to outsourcing payroll:

    • There are many advantages of outsourcing payroll to People 4 U Inc. Many small and medium-sized business owners start off with a very hands-on approach to managing their company, but as their business grows, so do the extra responsibilities. This leaves very little time for many business owners to manage what was once an easy thing. This is where we come in.
    • Cost Reduction
    • Direct costs for payroll processing are much higher than cost of outsourcing payroll.
    • No Penalties
    • Outsourcing payrolls frees you from worrying about fines and penalties. We provide a tax guarantee and make sure that there would be no fines and if there are we take responsibility for them.
    • Attention Focused on Core Issues
    • Management can focus on dealing with core issues of the business instead of the nitty-gritty and non-core issues. This saves time and energy which can be put to better use.
    • Lower Risk Potential
    • Doing payrolls on your own can be risky. Along with working on your core issues you need to look into the confusing aspects of payroll such as keeping tax tables updated, submitting reports and making tax payments. This distracts one from the business at hand and at the same time increases the risk of mistakes in the payroll.
    • Compliance Management
    • Compliance is the very foundation of our values. We comply with all statutory requirements and our systems are regularly updated to reflect changing regulations. We ensure and check that all the compliances are being fulfilled on time and our clients are also updated.
    • Confidentiality
    • We understand the sensitivity of client information handled by us. We take all appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality.

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